How We Work with You

Are you a leader of people? We believe that to lead people effectively, you must first understand yourself. And when is there time for that? If you’re like most leaders, you juggle day to day tasks and deadlines, people issues, strategic focus, and whatever else hits your desk or inbox on any given day.

You attend a lot of meetings, in person and virtually, and never have time to do all the follow-up that’s required. All while trying to have a life outside of work, maintain your health and wellbeing, and earn a decent living to fund it all. When is there time for you?

Our Aligned at Work™ Model brings all of the qualities of effective leadership into one place. We show you how to understand your vocation and work – what kinds of things energize you and sync up with your values, how to create the right culture in your team, what’s truly important to you.

We then move to relationships – do you know how to build and sustain effective relationships, whether that’s at work or at home? What is your pattern for relationships? Next it’s about finances – do you understand your finances and do you have a plan for whatever life you’d like to lead?

And mindset – what is your wealth mindset? It matters, and it tends to extend to all parts of your life. Now, on to your wellbeing. Do you know what it means to be happy, healthy, and successful? Each of us defines those teams for ourselves. What does it mean to you? And lastly, can you take your spirit to work—that authentic you–or do you need to check it at the door? And do you lead a workplace where others can do the same?

What is an Aligned at Work™ Leader?

An Aligned at Work™ Leader is one who understands that she or he has the ability to make change and to create an Aligned Workplace. Aligned at Work™ Leaders strive first to understand where they fall on the model, and then they work to create a workplace where people can find their own alignment – with an energizing vocation, a solid support system of relationships, a healthy money mindset, focus on well-being, and the ability to bring their whole and authentic spirits to work. Would you like to work in a place like that?

What Gets in the Way?

Leaders often don’t recognize their own power to make change. They think that someone higher on the ladder will, or should, take care of things, and that they are a cog on the wheel at work. But each leader has the ability to influence his or her environment. Teams take on the personality of the leader quite frequently. As a leader, you DO have the Power To … to make change, to create a thriving and healthy working environment, to lead in an effective manner. If not you, then who?

How Do We Work With Leaders?

Workshops Within Your Company:

We’ll work with you to create Aligned at Work™ Leader for an Aligned Company. Leader workshops run two days in length. Leaders spend the first day and part of the second understanding themselves first. They then work together to create changes that lead to an Aligned Workplace. We can extend this workshop to customize add-ons for you. The Aligned at Work™ Leader workshop, done with intact teams within your workplace, creates a culture shift that keeps and attracts your best people to do their best work.

Public Workshops:

Your leaders will work with other leaders in the public version of Aligned at Work™ Leaders. Format is the same—Two Days in Length. We run our Public Workshops in the Phoenix, Arizona metropolitan area. And if you have 10 or more leaders local to you, we’ll bring it to your location.

One-on-One Coaching:

Laurie and Joseph are both Associate Certified Coaches with the International Coach Federation. Trained in an intensive 300+ hour training program through the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), Laurie and Joseph have trained and coached hundreds of leaders in the Core Energy™ Leadership method. Leaders benefit from having a coach, sounding board, and confidante that they can turn to for perspective and options they haven’t thought of themselves. Coaching is a great follow-up to the Aligned at Work™ Leader program. It makes the changes stick! It’s also great for new leaders, experienced leaders who want to up their game, and leaders at a transition point in their career.