Invite Laurie Battaglia to speak to your group! A popular speaker for keynotes and workshops, Laurie speaks on workplace topics, leadership, and women at work.

Popular Topics

Aligned at Work™: 5 Success Principles to Love What You Do—For Life!

Audience: Women and Men in the Workplace     When you are Aligned at Work™, your career represents who you are and what you embody. The Aligned at Work™ professional integrates head, heart, and soul to create the career that is happy, healthy, and energized. Build and strengthen your personal brand at work, and create a career where values and vocation align. Aligned at Work™ brings together vocation, relationships, finances, well-being and spirit. More Info Here

Aligned at Work™ Leaders: 5 Ways to Attract the Best Talent and Create a Thriving Workplace

Audience: Leaders of People     This Aligned at Work™ talk/workshop is aimed at leaders of people. Leaders learn how the model applies to them, and then how to take that back to work to create a thriving workplace that attracts and retains the best people. Learn the high cost to you and your employer of a disengaged workforce, turnover, and re-hiring. You the Leader and the workplace culture you create make the difference in whether your high performers stay or go. More Info Here

Aligned Allies: 7 Steps to Achieving High Performance—Fast!

Audience: Leaders of People     Part of being a leader of people is bringing team members together to accomplish common goals. You choose the best people, expanding your team with high hopes. Sometimes teams come together with little effort and sometimes they don’t. There are ways to accelerate your team to high performance, fast! This workshop focuses on ways to understand the phases that people go through when they join a team, and how to build a strong team that works together synergistically. More Info Here

9 Leadership Power Tools to Advance Your Career

Audience: Women and Men in the Workplace     This keynote or workshop breaks down the paradigm of power and changes it, from Power Over, to Power To. The ways that you use power can make or break your career. This keynote or workshop starts with how we got where we are today, and takes you through 9 practical tools that you can embrace to create your own power. Whether it’s networking, negotiating that next promotion or raise, or reaching out to other people to change your organization, power is necessary to get things done. More Info Here

7 Ways You Create Your Work and Life, For Better or For Worse

Audience: Women and Men in the Workplace     Feel like you’re stuck and angry at life? Doing things for everyone except yourself? Learn about the seven ways you can think about life and work. Wouldn’t it be great to understand where the drama comes from and make a plan to minimize or eliminate it? Anabolic people have the ability to motivate and inspire themselves and others to do extraordinary things. They positively lead their lives and impact others. Catabolic people spend their energy constantly reacting to their circumstances with worry, fear, doubt, anger, and guilt. Which one are you? More Info Here

Promotions at Work: 7 Ways You Hold Yourself Back

Audience: Women and Men in the Workplace     Some of us enter the workforce with degrees and leadership experience from college and high school and are on the fast track to promotion. And some of us start our careers in entry level positions, and get identified (or not) for our potential. Along the way, some move forward while others plateau. Ever wonder why that happens, and what to do about it? Let’s talk about seven things that get in the way of promotions and find out how you can create your future! More Info Here

Conference and Meeting Client List

  • The Women Leaders in Gaming Summit 3.0
  • Arizona Women’s Conference
  • The Women Entrepreneurs’ Small Business Bootcamp
  • Arizona State University Career Women Conference
  • Association for Talent Development Valley of the Sun Conference
  • University of Arizona National Collegiate Leadership Conference
  • Women & Power Symposium
  • Victorious Secrets Leadership Conference
  • National Association of Women Business Owners
  • Chandler Chamber of Commerce Women In Business
  • Wells Fargo Women’s Team Member Network of Arizona