Why Hire Us?

Leaders hire us when they depend on teams to get the job done. And who doesn’t in the world of work?

We bet you’ve got at least one high-stakes project on your plate. That demands that a team come together, fully understand their roles, agree on the outcomes, and determine a plan to get there. But first, there’s that all important TRUST factor. Teams often fail without it.

How do you build trust? It takes self-awareness in team members and a desire to work together well. It also takes a leader who understands team dynamics. We help you with trust, understanding others, and understanding yourself.

Team drama? More teams have it than don’t. We help you understand what the drama is all about and what your role should be in removing it. We’ve got a plan and process for you and it works!

What Our Clients Say

Laurie helped my organization transform from a “green” leadership team with no established trust and partnerships to a dynamic, high performing organization.  Through the work Laurie helped us to unify around a common mission.  The workshops enabled us to effectively communicate, trust each other, and build lasting relationships.  This was critical as we built brand new teams, functions, and processes while changing established norms and culture. This led to a 10% increase in leadership engagement and a 31% increase in team member engagement. Pretty awesome and really speaks to the ripple effect an engaged management team can have on an organization! I don’t think I told you enough how great the work and support you gave my team was!

LenaVP Customer Experience, Fortune 50 Bank

When Should You Hire Us?

Leaders of teams hire us during significant times of change—Start-Up, Team Turnover, Team Growth, Team Dysfunction, and when All is Well.

Start-Up: An ideal time to get your team started on the right track is during the Start-Up phase. Use this time to get your team together, on the same page, and united to achieve big things!

Team Turnover: Did you know what whenever you have any turnover on your team, it’s the perfect time do some teambuilding? Even adding one or two new people to your group means that the whole team changes. Don’t overlook this important time to create synergy and realign your group.

Team Growth: Things are going well and you’ve decided to add new people to your team! How do you integrate them quickly into your smoothly running team with the least disruption? Learn ways to include them quickly, use their strengths, and help them feel part of the group.

Team Dysfunction: Sometimes teams have drama and dysfunction occur. Often you can track it to one or two people, but sometimes it’s the system, the culture, or … your leadership… that throws things into turmoil. We are skilled at helping teams acknowledge and remove dysfunction so they can bond and get back on track. Call us to learn the tools we’ve got in our hip pocket to help you stop the swirl and move forward!

All is Well: It’s the best of all worlds – you’ve retained your team members, gotten the job done, and it’s time to celebrate! And it’s time to develop and grow. This phase is where we work with you to custom design a plan for your team members, to grow them personally and professionally. We have a number of resources and methodologies for teams that are thriving!

Our Methodology:

We use a variety of models like the Drexler Sibbet Team Performance® Model, assessments like Myers Briggs® and Energy Leadership Index®, plus researched best practices in leadership and teams, designed specifically for your team and the goals you have in mind.

We consult with you to understand your challenges and problems, and design a program that works for you and your team members.

If the time or problem is urgent, and you are ready for a stronger, more efficient and effective team that works together, NOW is the right time to work with us!

Who Hires Us?


Companies large and small have worked with us, from those in the top Fortune 500 companies, to those with less than 20 employees. Any organization that uses teams to get the work done can benefit from working with us.

Our work experience is in financial services companies and healthcare, and we work with all industries. Anyone who depends on teamwork to get the job done will benefit from working with us.

Leadership Teams hire us to bring them together first, and then often have us work with their entire teams to unify them, align them, and build trust quickly. We are experts in building the safe space that your team needs to thrive and align.

What is the Format for TeamBuilding?

teams_whiteboardWe work with you to build events and retreats from 1 to 2 days in length. We work within your needs for how long you can take your team away from their workday. Some leaders choose shorter training days over 3 to 4 workdays in order to keep workflow going. We have experience with frontline and operations teams, where the workflow never stops.

Keeping Your Leaders and Teams Strong and Resilient

Teambuilding isn’t a one-time event. Ongoing coaching can help you get and maintain the best results. The strongest teams result when periodic teambuilding events take place over time. Ask us to design a plan for you.