Why We Work With Women in the Workplace

Laurie Battaglia, the CEO of Aligned at Work™ entered the workplace in the 1970’s, when women at work had their challenges just getting through the day, getting promoted, and gaining respect. She has continued to mentor women at work over the 35+ years of her career. The workplace can be a tricky place. And as much as things have changed, women have unique challenges, different from men, when it comes to excelling in the workplace.

Whether it’s determining what they REALLY want from work, asking for feedback on derailers and strengths, or displaying self-confidence, women tend to think and operate differently from men.

Laurie and Joseph make a great combo when working with women at work. Joseph spent his 35+ year career working in the field of nuclear medicine as a technologist, where more women than men work, and leaders tend to be women as often as men. Both bring their perspectives on the ways that women can be self-confident and understand how to use their personalities and strengths to lead others, to gain promotions, and be fully Aligned at Work™.

How We Work With Women in the Workplace

Women’s Workplace Wisdom Circles

The “circle” concept has been around for hundreds of years. Women tend to gather in groups to discuss their problems and situations. They seek bonds and conversation with other women.

Workplace Wisdom Circles are formal meetings, monthly for 10 months. Starting with an orientation to know what to expect and how they operate, and then gaining commitment and buy-in, the Women’s Workplace Wisdom Circles are places where women discuss their common issues with the help of a professional facilitator, Laurie Battaglia.

Common topics include:

  • What’s holding you back?
  • Energy leadership
  • Building self awareness
  • Creating your career strategy
  • Networking
  • Using LinkedIn for online networking
  • Asking for feedback
  • Building self confidence
  • Women and power

One-on-One Coaching

Laurie and Joseph, both Associate Certified Coaches through the International Coach Federation, provide coaching for established and emerging women leaders. Women can choose to have Laurie alone, or Laurie & Joseph together for two perspectives.

Workshops and Keynotes for Women at Work

 9 Leadership Power Tools to Advance Your Career

Audience: Women Leaders in the Workplace This keynote or workshop breaks down the paradigm of power and changes it, from Power Over, to Power To. The ways that you use power can make or break your career. This keynote or workshop starts with how we got where we are today, and takes you through 9 practical tools that you can embrace to create your own power. Whether it’s networking, negotiating that next promotion or raise, or reaching out to other people to change your organization, power is necessary to get things done. More Info Here

7 Ways You Create Your Life and Work, For Better or For Worse

Audience: Women in the Workplace Feel like you’re stuck and angry at life? Doing things for everyone except yourself? Learn about the seven ways you can think about life and work. Wouldn’t it be great to understand where the drama comes from and make a plan to minimize or eliminate it? Anabolic people have the ability to motivate and inspire themselves and others to do extraordinary things. They positively lead their lives and impact others. Catabolic people spend their energy constantly reacting to their circumstances with worry, fear, doubt, anger, and guilt. Which one are you? More Info Here

Promotions at Work: 7 Ways You Hold Yourself Back

Audience: Women in the Workplace Some of us enter the workforce with degrees and leadership experience from college and high school and are on the fast track to promotion. And some of us start our careers in entry level positions, and get identified (or not) for our potential. Along the way, some move forward while others plateau. Ever wonder why that happens, and what to do about it? Let’s talk about seven things that get in the way of promotions and find out how you can create your future! More Info Here