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At Aligned at Work®, we specialize in helping companies stop unwanted turnover by strengthening the bond between leaders and their teams. Lack of engagement and employee turn over is extremely costly, in both money and productivity. Our system saves thousands in hard dollar costs for recruiting, on boarding, and training new hires, including ramp-up time to full effectiveness. We help leaders create thriving and high-performing workplaces.

Leaders hire us during significant times of change:

  • Start-Up
  • Team Turnover
  • Team Growth
  • Team Dysfunction
  • When all is well

Aligned at Work®

Impacting Leaders for over 30 Years 


Actualized ROI

Leaders Impacted

Align and
Develop your Leaders

Leaders today are faced with more challenges than ever, especially when leading the humans at work. For the first time ever, your team member’s expectations continue to rise, while companies struggle to attract and retain team members. That leaves leaders caught in the middle between generational shifts in the workforce. It’s a business imperative that leaders step up NOW to face the future. But what’s a leader to do?

Lead with
Diversity & Inclusion

Bringing Diversity & Inclusion to your organization takes time, patience, and active leadership. From developing metrics to measure your success, to providing a framework for your organization, to conversing and listening with an open heart and mind that shifting culture takes, it’s a complex process. We help you transform, one step at a time.

Is it Time for a
Strategic Retreat?

High-stakes strategy planning demands a great deal from your Board of Directors and Leadership Team. You can dissolve the drama and execute a successful plan with understanding, agreement, and trust. How? By changing the dynamics with our proven process that works.

For Executives
Moving On, and Moving Up

Executive Branding impacts earning potential, and the marketing and management of your reputation can mean the difference between a leap ahead or being left behind. Strengthen your personal brand before you jump, and make your next move a conscious decision.

Keynotes and
Corporate Events

Laurie Battaglia speaks! Do your leaders need a wake up call in leading today’s workforce? Laurie’s keynote Breaking All The Rules: Why You Can’t Lead the Way You Used To helps leaders understand that employees aren’t coming back to the old ways of thinking, and that they’ll need to change their approach, and their beliefs about leadership. Book Laurie to speak at your next conference or corporate event! 

Laurie Battaglia

View Laurie
in action

Laurie’s speaking reel gives you a feel for her dynamic delivery and content relevancy in today’s workplace. It features Laurie on stage and also provides testimonials from recent clients.

Build a
Stronger Team

Your team is good. Now let’s make them GREAT and Aligned at Work®. Dynamic, high performing teams don’t happen by accident. They happen as people come together, unify, and align. Let’s build a team that thrives.

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