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Career Branding means that you stand for certain values and accomplishments throughout your career, and you show up in a way that is consistent with who you really are. Frankly, we believe this extends to your life outside of work as well. When you have a strong Career Brand, you show up ALIGNED in person, on your resume, within your LinkedIn profile, through your networking efforts, and in everything that you do. People learn to trust you for what you say because your actions are ALIGNED with your words and message. 

When you are ready to stop talking about “someday” when you’ll have that dream job and start putting steps in place to get you there, now, our Career Coaches are ready to help. We specialize in career transition and branding for Executives and Mid-Career Professionals. 

Often, people who have reached middle management or senior management positions are 15 to 20 years into a career. And something feels… off. Does this sound like you?

  • You’re making good money and you’re scared about what it would cost you to start in a new field or role. 
  • You’re wondering what it would be like to be happy to go to work every day and really ENJOY it. You’ve been doing the same thing for years and it used to bring you joy, but not anymore. 
  • You foresee a reorganization or “rightsizing” coming and aren’t sure you’ll survive it. 
  • You know it’s time to go, or to advance in your organization, but you don’t know how to do it.

It’s probably been a long time since you wrote a resume and it’s tough to write your own. Everyone has an opinion about what it ought to look like. And although you started a LinkedIn profile a few years ago, you never did anything with it, haven’t connected with people, and don’t know what the “rules” are. Elevator pitch? STARs? What the heck are people talking about? And you never did know what you wanted to be when you grow up! Except that now you’re supposed to be grown up… 

Career Transition Program

Our Career Transition Program covers all facets of what you’ll need to find your next role. Schedule a call to learn more.

You’ll launch your Program with a 3-hour in-person or virtual VIP Launch Session, where we use assessments and visioning to picture your perfect vocation and life. We take a holistic view, as life and work will flow together, and we want both to work in your favor. We help you uncover the authentic you and discover what kinds of work and activities will light you up. 

After your VIP Launch Session, we’ll work together hourly on Zoom or another videoconference platform as we sift through the accomplishments in your career (we may be better at spotting those than you are) and turning them into stories that you are proud to tell. During this process, your picture of who you are and what you have to offer begins to shift in a positive direction. 

We then work with you to write a powerful resume that showcases your accomplishments and positions you for your next move. Then it’s on to LinkedIn, the world’s largest online business networking site. You’ll now have everything you need to build or update your profile and be found by headhunters and recruiters who are searching for professionals like you. 

And there’s so much more – using online sites to find roles, answering challenging interview questions, mock interviewing, introducing yourself, networking virtually and in person, and keeping your energy high during the job search. We tailor your program to fit what you need most and work at the pace that works for you. 

Our Career Transition Program covers 15 hours of Coaching and Career Branding support.

This includes time that your coach spends working with you and working alone on your resume, etc. You’ll have homework and prep time outside the time you spend with the coach.

NOTE: We are not a recruiting firm, and do not offer job placement. We do not guarantee that you will find work or land a specific role. This program focuses on preparing you to interview and be hired, and to work with independent and company recruiters.

I worked with Laurie Battaglia at Aligned at Work during a time of transition and stress in my life. I found the combination of assessments used and coaching through the process to be highly effective and beneficial. Laurie helped me first understand myself, where my leadership state currently is, and where to go to create a powerful and meaningful future for my career, with my passions, interests, and strengths in mind. The process helped me clear the fogginess and clutter in my head to identify and take action steps in the right direction that is befitting me. I highly recommend any individual in career transitions or in teams that need to create clarity overall and how each individual plays their role in creating the future!

Nonprofit Executive

Remember I told you a couple hours after we met to work on my résumé that a job opened up on my team? Well, I just heard from the recruiter, I got the job! And they gave me more money than I asked for. I’m Thrilled! Thank you so much for your help with my résumé and getting noticed!

SH. -- VP, Risk Management Professional | Financial Services

I was just looking at my vision board from when I met with you and Joseph. I’ve been thinking about how my vision and viewpoint of my professional life started changing at those meetings. How I have so much these days that I was wishing for on that vision board! I had a chat with my boss last week during a hard week when I was getting down on myself for a few small mistakes. She told me she hired me for my drive and determination that she felt in our first interview and that her bosses felt in their interviews also! She said that the drive and determination is going to take you places, however far up the company you want to follow me! Wow, what a difference a great company and a boss make. You helped me to see things in myself before I did.

MB -- Senior HR Professional

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