Your team is driven, passionate, and creative, and they expect the best from themselves. This means they can do incredible things. Unfortunately, it also means that they’re at risk of burnout.

Burnout is the result of chronic work-place stress, and it can eat away at your team from the inside. The more long-term stress a member feels, the more their exhaustion, cynicism, and reduced efficacy builds, and the more it spreads. A series of high-intensity, high-stress work interactions can lead to a stressful work environment, kickstarting a dangerous cycle.

You, the Leader, make all the difference.

Aligned Leader™️
Program Overview

Our Aligned Leaders™️ Training has a proven ROI of 113% within 6 months of class completion. That’s uncommon, and we know how to bring those results to your organization.

Are you ready to lead your team into the future? 

As a leader, you are faced with an increasingly complex workplace and world. You’re expected to lead across generations, cultures, genders, life/work/educational experience, with teams that stretch across the globe, across time zones. How do you include everyone and make them feel a sense of belonging, without burning yourself out in the process?

It starts with you.

The Aligned Leader™ Program

The Aligned Leader™ Program is offered within your company for your leaders, at all levels from the Executive Team to Frontline Supervisors. We customize our facilitation to your audience. It is a modularized program that can be facilitated in person and virtually, by our Certified Facilitators or your Certified leadership trainers. It includes your processes and procedures, your mission and values. The Aligned Leader™ Program can be tailored to include Whispers and Nudges, a great way to build reinforcement into the program from beginning through implementation.

Marshmallow Challenge
Aligned Leader™ Program Modules
Marshmallow Challenge

Radical Self-Awareness for Leaders. This popular module from our Aligned Leader™ Program can also stand alone for your group of leaders. Understand the leadership journey that created you, while understanding yourself more deeply through our Aligned for Life Model™ and tools like the Energy Leadership® Index AssessmentYou’ll determine when to lead and when to manage, and create your personal Leadership Stance that helps you and the teams you lead to understand who you are and what you stand for. This program works beautifully in a retreat setting or location offsite and away from work. 

Leading Others: Aligning Positions And People. Let’s redefine the best practices for directing and managing your team. Refining your hiring and onboarding processes is the first step to ensuring your company and your new team members start on the right foot, while guidance in coaching, feedback, delegation, and managing performance secures your future success. Communicate in ways that create psychological safety and trust, so your team members feel that they belong.

Leading Teams Into the Future. What does it take to build a high-performing team? We’ll learn in this module. Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging are explored as well as gender and generational differences. Be ready to lead rapid change and develop your leadership style through the Aligned Leader™ Model, below. The Program concludes with each participant delivering their Leadership Stance, refined throughout the program.  

Post-Program Support

Executive Coaching/Leadership Coaching. Executives and Leaders benefit from having a Coach who supports the learning from the Aligned Leader™ Program. Coaches function as a sounding board and ask the questions that allow leaders and executives to reflect and learn new skills and practices. Our Coaches have been trained, certified, and have experience across industries in leadership and business.

Aligned Leader™️ Model

The Aligned Leader™️ creates a dynamic workplace where people thrive, knowing they belong. Here’s how:

Honor the People: Aligned Leaders™️ start with honoring the biology of their team members. They understand that working people until they drop doesn’t work and never did, and they encourage a healthy balance for all people. 

Create a Healthy Environment: Aligned Leaders™️ work consciously to lead and create workplaces with psychological, physical, mental, and emotional safety. They remain alert for hidden bullying or non-inclusive language and behaviors. They encourage a feeling of belonging at work. 

Align Positions and People: Aligned Leaders™️ know that people work for their own reasons and come with a unique set of strengths, motivation, and purpose. Genius potential shines when people and positions are aligned. 

Do as I Do LeadershipAligned Leaders™️ understand that people follow what they see, rather than what they hear if the actions and words are not aligned. Great organizations are led by Leaders who walk the talk and lead by example.Aligned Leaders™️ understand that their people are learning by watching them lead.

Serve a Greater PurposeAligned Leaders™️ serve a greater purpose in the world, and they seek organizations that fulfill that sense of purpose. Great Leaders ensure that their people understand the importance of their work and their role in that purpose. 

White label our Aligned Leader™️ program, and make it your own.

Our Aligned Leader™ Program is optimized for customization. Each company is unique, and we align your leader training with your company’s strengths and culture. You define what leadership looks like in your organization. What a great way to unify your leaders into a one-company approach!

Facilitator Certification

We’ll certify your leadership facilitators to train and run the Aligned Leader™ Program. Details upon request.

Intellectual Property Rights/Copyright Disclaimer

Living the Dream Coaches, LLC DBA Aligned at Work, owns the intellectual property within the Aligned Leader™ Program and will permit purchasing companies to repurpose and reprint the material for internal use only, and not for outside use. The material can only be taught by individuals certified by Living the Dream Coaches, LLC DBA Aligned at Work. Purchasing companies retain their own intellectual property and content generated specifically for the Aligned Leader™ Program.

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