Who is
Aligned at Work®?

Clients hire us to solve their people problems before they become profit problems. We do this by helping them uncover the real reasons for the issues, which often arise through bad communication, unrealistic expectations, and/or poor leadership practices. Most leaders start with the best of intentions, and it is remarkably easy to make day to day decisions that have unintended negative consequences for our workforce. 

Our consultants, facilitators, and coaches are trained to walk beside you through complex people issues, whether it’s a team that is not performing as it should; a leader who needs to develop self-awareness, interpersonal skills, or executive presence; or a board of directors who are out of alignment with vision and mission. Our business skills and acumen supports the work with do with you and your organization. 

We are future-focused, helping you grow your leadership bench across generations, genders, and cultures. We support your call to Serve a Greater Purpose because we serve one as well. Ours is to create workplaces where people feel a sense of belonging and purpose. What is yours? 

Aligned at Work Team at Work

How we work

You have high standards for yourself and those you work with.

We do too. 

Our four-part approach walks you through what it takes to shift your culture, embrace change, and build leaders who are ready for whatever the future brings. Culture shifting takes time, but it means the difference between succeeding with your next high stakes initiative or failing as so many change efforts do. It requires changes in personal processes and habits in every leader and team member. That’s a lot of moving parts. 


We do a deep dive with you and your stakeholders, including a decision-maker strategy session, individual stakeholder interviews, an assessment of your current metrics, competencies, key performance indicators, and training materials. It helps to know what is working and what isn’t, from multiple perspectives. At the end, you get a full report with timeline and investment, and we co-create the solution with you. 


During the IGNITE phase, the people in your organization begin to envision their new future and purpose through updated guiding principles, and they start the process of building new leadership skills for their future workplace and culture. Two critical pieces to success are gaining 100% commitment from your executive team, and Radical Self Awareness about their leadership styles and beliefs. We do that through the Aligned Leader™ Program for Executives. Companies who take the time to do this experience greater Return on Investment than those who don’t.


We AMPLIFY your culture through clear and consistent communication throughout your organization. We use a suite of assessments to help your leaders and team members understand themselves and others better. And we begin the process of taking your leadership team through the Aligned Leader™ Program, customized for your organization and culture. We follow up with individual and group coaching to support new skills learned.


Your results are OPTIMIZED by cascading the new vision throughout the organization’s processes and procedures. We build awareness of the energy in your workplace, what drives people, and how to harness the genius potential of your workforce. We help you align your recruiting practices and build an immersion process to successfully onboard new hires and makes them feel like they belong. We train your individual contributors and continue to work with your leaders on building inclusive workplaces. 

Culture-shifting and leadership work are never really done.

The world constantly changes and so does your workforce.

It takes truly resilient leaders to lead in today’s workplace.

Our Story

The Birth of Aligned at Work®
The idea for Aligned at Work® was born in the early 1990s as Laurie Battaglia went through a government takeover of the savings and loan where she worked. It awakened the entrepreneurial spirit in her as the thought arose, “There MUST be a way to balance people and profit, in an ethical workplace!” But she hadn’t seen it done. 

By this time, Laurie’s career had pivoted, and she landed in Learning & Development after 15 years in front-line operations, leadership, and sales/marketing. She began to discover the work that would continue through Aligned at Work®. As she worked with the team members in her savings and loan to write resumes, get rehired by acquiring banks, and stay positive as their work was in jeopardy, she learned the lessons of clear and transparent communication, staying in touch constantly, and letting people know what she did and didn’t know. It was life changing.

Her next move was into Leadership Development, where she facilitated a world-class program with hundreds of leaders impacted. And it was back to school for a Masters Degree in Organizational Development and Leadership, and later to Coach Certification. She learned through it all that she’d been practicing great leadership from childhood, and now she had the tools and models to teach it to others.

When do leaders call Aligned at Work®?

Leaders call us when:

  • They are losing people due to poor or unskilled leadership throughout the organization.
  • They’ve promoted from within, and it’s costing them money, a lot of money. 
  • They suffer from reputational risk – their online ratings are poor to medium. 
  • Executives are focused on the business and bottom line, to the exclusion of the people. Their teams work long hours, and it’s wearing people out. But they don’t know how to change. 

Isn’t it time for you, your leaders, and your organization to be Aligned at Work®?

Meet the Team
Laurie Battaglia

Laurie Battaglia


Meet our CEO, Laurie Battaglia, the creator of the Aligned for Life Model™️ and the Aligned Leader™️ Model.

A long-time corporate leader with over thirty-five years of experience, Laurie is an expert at solving people problems before they become profit problems. Her work as a thought leader, author, and speaker contributes to her innovative approach to developing next-generation leaders who build inclusive work environments and understand that people are the heart and soul of business. 

Known for transforming people, cultures, and workplaces, Laurie uses her abilities as a Leadership Consultant, Trainer, and Executive Coach to help leaders discover who they are and how they lead. With her assistance, companies can expect more engaging, human-centered environments where leaders and their teams thrive.

Education & Certifications
  • Master of Science, Organizational Development and Leadership – Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine (PCOM)
  • Bachelor of Arts, Organizational Management – Eastern University
  • Associates Degree, Business Administration – Human Resources — Ursinus College
  • Professional Certified Coach – International Coaching Federation
  • Energy Leadership Index – Master Practitioner – Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) 
  • Benchmarks 350 Feedback Assessment Suite – Center for Creative Leadership
  • The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team, Powered by Everything DiSC – Wiley
  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)
  • Everything DiSC
  • Drexler Sibbet Team Performance Model

Intuitive, insightful, and passionate, Joseph Battaglia is our Chief Relationship Officer with Aligned at Work® and he is the creator of the Immersive Intimacy® Model for communication.

With nearly four decades of experience in the medical field, Joe has an Associates Degree in Nuclear Medicine Technology from Gwynedd-Mercy College and Radiologic Technology certification from the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. He has observed patients and people at their best, worst, and most vulnerable. This has led him to focus on mending and strengthening the relationships that allow people to thrive. .

Joseph Battaglia

Joseph Battaglia

Chief Relationship Officer

Education & Certifications
  • Associates in Nuclear Medicine Technology from Gwynned-Mercy College 
  • Associate Certified Coach – International Coaching Federation
  • Energy Leadership Index – Master Practitioner – Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC)

Tish Times is a Senior Leadership Consultant who brings her experience as a senior leader in the staffing industry into her work with other leaders. She is known for her facilitation and coaching of corporate leaders and teams, as well as entrepreneurs.

Tish uses a unique approach to networking to help companies increase employee engagement, develop brand ambassadors, and teach communication in the workplace. Tish also coaches entrepreneurs to amplify their business and increase profits with unparalleled networking strategies.

Because of Times’ expertise and skill, her workshops, one-to-one consultations, group facilitations, and individual performance coaching are not the typical “packaged” programs.

Her ability to address free-flowing dialogue allows individuals and groups to grow past their own obstacles and develop tools for success.

Tish is a coach, professional facilitator, speaker, and author. She is a frequent speaker for professional associations and conferences regarding business development, workplace improvement, communication, confidence building, assertiveness in the workplace, anti-harassment, sexual harassment, diversity & inclusion, and a host of other issues.

Tish Times

Tish Times

Senior Leadership Consultant

Diane Tiger

Diane Tiger

Senior Leadership Consultant

As our Senior Leadership Consultant, Diane Tiger brings three decades of experience helping organizations maximize business and leadership performance.  As an experienced leader, coach, and facilitator, Diane has an expert lens for helping clients uncover untapped potential and unseen opportunities.   Her warm, caring style and depth of experience make her a trusted advisory and highly successful facilitator.

Diane’s robust portfolio of skills was developed through her experience leading domestic and international teams across a variety of industries including manufacturing, technology, financial services, and insurance.

Education & Certifications
  • Bachelor of Arts, Psychology, Ursinus College
  • Certified Coach, Southwest Institute of Healing Arts
  • Global Professional in Human Resources (GPHR)
  • Certified Leadership Professional (CLP)
  • EQ-i 2.0 
Joe Atalig is a Senior Leadership Consultant with over 30 years of rich experience in corporate leadership, professional coaching, learning and leadership development, and team building. His approach to aligning work teams begins with being relatable, relational, authentic and relevant, which in turn provides a safe space for others to be the same.

Joe has a history of taking dysfunctional teams and transforming them into healthy, high performing and productive work units that exceed performance expectations. His depth of knowledge and ability to authentically lead others to maximize their potential is one of the differentiators he brings to our team.

Joe Atalig

Joe Atalig

Senior Leadership Consultant

Having successful tenures as a senior leader, market manager, and numerous consultant roles, he has a unique ability to identify root causes of non-performance and team engagement. His knack for building trust with clients allows him to guide them towards organic self-discovery that causes leaders to look within themselves for the solutions that they seek.

Joe’s claim to fame comes in his passionate delivery and exceptional facilitation skills. Being a coach of coaches, he excels at the art of helping leaders gain clarity of their organization’s strengths, opportunities and potential. His underlying goal in aligning teams is to equip leaders to successfully impart the messages from the board room gets to the lunch room, with clarity, and purpose.

Fred Amador has spent over the last 20 years as a career coach, educator and a mentor in higher education and non-profit environments. He has developed ways to listen, reflect and provide a safe space for people to grow and develop. In his current role as a Counseling Faculty member he helps students, faculty, and staff through the career development process and has served on over 30 hiring committees representing all levels of the organization. 

Fred serves as an internal coach for new and mid-level managers who are new to the community college system. He works with managers to interpret their 360-feedback report to identify strengths and weaknesses to create goals for coaching. He assists new managers with conflict resolution, stress management, navigating politics, personal and team development. 

Education & Certifications
  • Master of Counseling – Arizona State University
  • Bachelor of Arts, Psychology – Arizona State University
  • Valley Leadership Institute – Class 37
  • Certified Professional Coach – Adler School of Coaching
  • Associate Certified Coach – International Coaching Federation
  • Leadership Practices Inventory® 360
  • Strong Interest Inventory®
  • Myer-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®)
  • Personal Globe Inventory
Fred Amador

Fred Amador

Senior Career Coach

Jessica J. Purdy

Jessica J. Purdy

Online Business Manager

Jessica Purdy’s experiences as a transgender woman transitioning on the job in a customer-forward position, and her military service under Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell management, and leadership roles have led her to become a DEI & Belonging professional. These experiences provided her with a unique perspective on the ways in which culture issues and misalignment impact leadership teams and employees. 

She joined the Aligned at Work® team in 2018 as her consulting business was just beginning and has chosen to remain because she believes in the Aligned at Work® mission of aligning people and workplaces. Jessi has said that being part of the Aligned at Work® team furthers her own mission to foster inclusive workplaces and shift organizational cultures toward being people-centered.  

In addition to being Aligned at Work®’s Online Business Manager, she is also the CEO and Founder of FIC Human Resource Partners, LLC, an active LGBTQIA+ rights activist, training and group facilitator with the Lancaster LGBTQ+ Coalition, first Board Chair of the Lancaster Pride Association, a public speaker, and an author.

You can learn more about Jessica’s books here.

As an Executive Coach, Facilitator, and Master Certified Coach with more than 3,000 coaching hours, Lauren has worked with hundreds of clients in tech, design, health care, nonprofits, and financial services. Lauren creates safe and supportive spaces for incoming and existing leaders to harness their unique voice, develop necessary skills for constantly changing environments, and build leadership pipelines for the future.

Before becoming a coach, Lauren served as Executive Director of three global trade associations and has over 20 years of professional experience. Lauren also is the Innovative Mindset facilitator for Capital One’s Catapult program.

Lauren LeMunyan

Lauren LeMunyan

Executive Coach

Inspired by her work with overloaded professionals and her burnout journey, Lauren published two books and also hosts a weekly entrepreneur-focused podcast.

Lauren is a certified coach for The Four Stages of Psychological Safety; an iPEC trained professional coach, an ICF Mentor Coach, an MBTI Certified Practitioner, a Certified Resentment Release Master Practitioner, and a graduate of Rutgers University.

Ombretta Mancini is an accomplished Certified Leadership Coach, Consultant and Facilitator, with over 15 years of industry experience. She holds a BSc in Organizational Innovation, a Graduate Certificate in Positive Psychology from the University of Melbourne, and a Graduate Certificate in Design Strategy and Innovation from Swinburne University. She is a PCC ICF-accredited Leadership and Executive Coach, a LEGO® Serious Play® for Positive Psychology Certified Practitioner, a Conversational Intelligence® Enhanced Coach, and is certified to deliver the full suite of Core Strengths and Energy Leadership Index™ assessments and workshops.

Her varied educational and professional background allows her to offer a unique and comprehensive style of organizational development; one that values inclusion, well-being, and a design-thinking-like approach that looks at the organization from a systems perspective. Her areas of expertise include individual and group coaching, leadership development, and team building training and assessments, as well as facilitation of strategy sessions that underpin sustainable business growth.
Ombretta Mancini

Ombretta Mancini

Executive Coach

Neha Govil

Neha Govil

Leadership Coach

Neha Govil is a Certified Leadership Coach, Visual Facilitator, and Collaborator with over 10+ years of industry experience. Neha’s unique approach is to hold space for creative exploration and strategic decision-making for impact-driven leaders and teams. Neha holds a BA in Economics and Masters in Human Resources. She is also a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching and a Master Practitioner of the Energy Leadership Index (ELITM).

Throughout her career, Neha has been fascinated with leveraging creative tools such as storyboards, sketchnotes, and graphic recording to help visualize and build the larger picture.

Fun fact:
Doodling is her secret tool that enables her to translate ideas into actions! She brings to her clients, a blend of visual thinking, kinesthetic facilitation, coaching psychology and appreciative inquiry to help leaders lead with impact.

Neha was born, raised, and educated in India, now lives in the greater Metro Atlanta Area, and together with her husband finds everyday joy in raising their little ones!

Shereese Floyd is an executive, leadership, and team coach who specializes in storytelling and communication development. Shereese is dedicated to helping organizations increase influence and revenue with story-based marketing. With over twenty years in nonprofit marketing, her expertise spans development, branding, women’s leadership and public relations.

Her emotional branding style has generated over $2M in direct campaigns. She is an award-winning speechwriter who is passionate about equipping people with the expertise needed to tell their stories and raise their voices so that they are impossible to ignore. Shereese is an advocate for social change and believes story is the one thing that truly brings the world together.

 Shereese Floyd

Shereese Floyd

Executive Coach

Areas of Expertise:
  • Executive Leadership
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Belonging
  • Communication Development
  • Storytelling (Personal and Professional)
Certifications & Designations:
  • Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion in the Workplace, University of South Florida
  • Women’s Entrepreneurship, eCornell
  • Certified Professional Coach, Fowler Wainwright International

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