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Aligned at Work®?

Clients hire us to solve their people problems before they become profit problems. At Aligned at Work®, we do this by helping them uncover the real reasons for the issues, which often arise through bad communication, unrealistic expectations, and/or poor leadership practices. Most leaders start with the best of intentions, and it is remarkably easy to make day to day decisions that have unintended negative consequences for our workforce. 

Our consultants, facilitators, and coaches are trained to walk beside you through complex people issues, whether it’s a team that is not performing as it should; a leader who needs to develop self-awareness, interpersonal skills, or executive presence; or a board of directors who are out of alignment with vision and mission. Our business skills and acumen supports the work with do with you and your organization. 

We are future-focused, helping you grow your leadership bench across generations, genders, and cultures. We support your call to Serve a Greater Purpose because we serve one as well. Ours is to create workplaces where people feel a sense of belonging and purpose. What is yours? 

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Our Story

The Birth of Aligned at Work®
The idea for Aligned at Work® was born in the early 1990s as Laurie Battaglia went through a government takeover of the savings and loan where she worked. It awakened the entrepreneurial spirit in her as the thought arose, “There MUST be a way to balance people and profit, in an ethical workplace!” But she hadn’t seen it done. 

By this time, Laurie’s career had pivoted, and she landed in Learning & Development after 15 years in front-line operations, leadership, and sales/marketing. She began to discover the work that would continue through Aligned at Work®. As she worked with the team members in her savings and loan to write resumes, get rehired by acquiring banks, and stay positive as their work was in jeopardy, she learned the lessons of clear and transparent communication, staying in touch constantly, and letting people know what she did and didn’t know. It was life changing.

Her next move was into Leadership Development, where she facilitated a world-class program with hundreds of leaders impacted. And it was back to school for a Masters Degree in Organizational Development and Leadership, and later to Coach Certification. She learned through it all that she’d been practicing great leadership from childhood, and now she had the tools and models to teach it to others.

When do leaders call Aligned at Work®?

Leaders call us when:

  • They are losing people due to poor or unskilled leadership throughout the organization.
  • They’ve promoted from within, and it’s costing them money, a lot of money. 
  • They suffer from reputational risk – their online ratings are poor to medium. 
  • Executives are focused on the business and bottom line, to the exclusion of the people. Their teams work long hours, and it’s wearing people out. But they don’t know how to change. 

Isn’t it time for you, your leaders, and your organization to be Aligned at Work®?

Culture-shifting and leadership work are never really done.

The world constantly changes and so does your workforce.

It takes truly resilient leaders to lead in today’s workplace.

Ready to be more Aligned at Work®?

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