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Group Coaching is a great way to bring teams together around shared goals, communication challenges, or getting to know and understand each other at a deeper level. Our Coach/Facilitators understand both coaching and group process, and what it takes to align intact teams. 

Group Coaching is also a cost-effective way to coach a group of people who are facing the same challenges, or who are on the same path at work. Here are two examples. 

Workplace Wisdom Circles for Diverse Leaders

We always encourage leading by example, and it can be a struggle without support. This diversity-centered program prioritizes and addresses the challenges and dilemmas that face women, people of color, and the LGBTQ+ community, to name a few. It emphasizes learning and growth-oriented discussion among peers in a safe, encouraging space. Together, we’ll discuss common accelerators and de-railers that impact promotion and workplace success and gather power to shift systems that work against diverse leaders.

Emerging Leaders

As new leaders move from Individual Contributor to People Leader, everything shifts – mindset, daily focus, how time is spent, and often, how to handle that challenging employee (sometimes a friend!) now that you are in charge. It can be a tough transition, or an easy one. Group Coaching for Emerging Leaders tackles the common challenges that they face, using a combination of coaching, training, and mentoring for your group. 

Group Coaching is also a great way to support and reinforce the skills and behaviors learned in the Aligned Leader Program, either while the program is running, or afterward to continue the learning and implementation.  

Group Coaching is offered in person and virtually through Zoom or your Videoconference Platform. Participants in virtual sessions must have access to a webcam and microphone and confidential space. Group size limited to 10.

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