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You have high standards for yourself and those you work with.

We do too. 

Our four-part approach walks you through what it takes to shift your culture, embrace change, and build leaders who are ready for whatever the future brings. Culture shifting takes time, but it means the difference between succeeding with your next high stakes initiative or failing as so many change efforts do. It requires changes in personal processes and habits in every leader and team member. That’s a lot of moving parts. 


We do a deep dive with you and your stakeholders, including a decision-maker strategy session, individual stakeholder interviews, an assessment of your current metrics, competencies, key performance indicators, and training materials. It helps to know what is working and what isn’t, from multiple perspectives. At the end, you get a full report with timeline and investment, and we co-create the solution with you. 


During the IGNITE phase, the people in your organization begin to envision their new future and purpose through updated guiding principles, and they start the process of building new leadership skills for their future workplace and culture. Two critical pieces to success are gaining 100% commitment from your executive team, and Radical Self Awareness about their leadership styles and beliefs. We do that through the Aligned Leader™ Program for Executives. Companies who take the time to do this experience greater Return on Investment than those who don’t.


We AMPLIFY your culture through clear and consistent communication throughout your organization. We use a suite of assessments to help your leaders and team members understand themselves and others better. And we begin the process of taking your leadership team through the Aligned Leader™ Program, customized for your organization and culture. We follow up with individual and group coaching to support new skills learned.


Your results are OPTIMIZED by cascading the new vision throughout the organization’s processes and procedures. We build awareness of the energy in your workplace, what drives people, and how to harness the genius potential of your workforce. We help you align your recruiting practices and build an immersion process to successfully onboard new hires and makes them feel like they belong. We train your individual contributors and continue to work with your leaders on building inclusive workplaces. 

Culture-shifting and leadership work are never really done.

The world constantly changes and so does your workforce.

It takes truly resilient leaders to lead in today’s workplace.


“In both the large and smaller interactive group settings, Laurie’s expertise in workplace and leadership topics, ability to engage an audience, and train other facilitators was very evident and really resonated with our audience of leaders.”

~Wes Ehrecke, President & CEO, Iowa Gaming Association

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