Executives and leaders throughout organizations often find that they succeed more quickly with the support of an Executive Coach. Whether building executive presence, overcoming limiting habits, separating oneself from a crowded peer group, or learning new leadership skills, a great coach can help.

Executive Coaches work with the executive and their leader to set goals, uncover thought patterns, emotions, and energy that are keeping the executive from advancement or growth, and the Coach functions as a sounding board as the executive learns and grows. Coaches provide support and accountability for the Coachee.

Leaders who are newly promoted or who are not yet at the executive level can benefit from an Executive or Leadership Coach as they learn and grow into their roles. The process is similar with the coaching aimed at meeting the leader where they are.

Executive Coaching is a great reinforcement for the Aligned Leader™ Program where leaders learn how to understand themselves, their teams, and how to lead their organization into the future.

Our Approach

We use a Success Team approach, where we involve the Sponsoring leader (usually the executive’s manager), a representative of Human Resources/Organizational Development/Leadership Development, and the Coach and Coachee. Goals are set with all parties in the room, and there are quarterly and end-of-engagement transition meetings to keep progress at the forefront. Sessions between the Executive Coach and the Coachee are confidential and content is not discussed outside of the Success Team meetings. 

During the coaching engagement, we use data from a 360-degree assessment process and a self-awareness assessment to uncover strengths, challenges, and blind spots for the Coachee. The Coachee then chooses what to focus on for the coaching engagement and collaborates with the Executive Coach to find what methods work best for learning and reinforcing new skills and habits that support the overarching goals. 

Executive Coaching
Executive/Leadership Coaching Programs

Executive and Leadership Coaching Programs are available in 3-, 6- and 12-month packages. 

  • Momentum Team Meetings are conducted in person whenever possible.
  • Sessions with the Executive Coachee are conducted virtually through videoconference or in-person locally. 
  • Email and phone support between sessions. 
  • 6- or 12-month Executive Coaching packages are best suited for Leaders seeking development for promotion, ongoing growth within their current role, or building professional presence, who appreciate the accountability and reinforcement a coach brings.
  • 3-month Executive Coaching packages are best suited for Leaders with a specific short-term goal, or who are transitioning into a new role. 
  • Assessments and travel costs are priced separately.

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