Diversity &

Build inclusive cultures within organizations through diversity and inclusion training that includes:
Unique things about your company’s team members – race, color, ethnicity, language, nationality, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, socio-economic status, age, physical/mental abilities – and the way they work together.

  • Your Guiding Principles and/or Company Values embedded in the training.
  • Our Guiding Principles and Aligned Leader™ Model for shifting to inclusive leadership practices.
  • Focus on today’s perspective of systemic racism, including understanding how we got to where we are today, identifying personal biases, and understanding terminology.
  • Learning how to embrace differences among associates and build a company that is even stronger because of its diverse workforce.

Inclusion Training is part of a larger cultural change management initiative, and will require, to succeed:

  • CEO and senior leadership team commitment and active sponsorship.
  • A communication plan to introduce changes and ongoing after training.
  • Ongoing active support from leaders and other employees.
  • A willingness to be vulnerable and open to learning what you may not know.
  • Someplace/Someone that employees can go to for conversation, reporting issues.
  • A method for two-way conversation with all employees.

Our Proven Methodology for Cultural Change

I was just looking at my vision board from when I met with you and Joseph. I’ve been thinking about how my vision and viewpoint of my professional life started changing at those meetings. How I have so much these days that I was wishing for on that vision board! I had a chat with my boss last week during a hard week when I was getting down on myself for a few small mistakes. She told me she hired me for my drive and determination that she felt in our first interview and that her bosses felt in their interviews also! She said that the drive and determination is going to take you places, however far up the company you want to follow me! Wow, what a difference a great company and a boss make. You helped me to see things in myself before I did.

All training can be customized to your organization and its culture, guiding principles, and marketing look and feel. Intellectual property is owned by Living the Dream Coaches, LLC DBA Aligned at Work. Client is granted a perpetual license to repurpose and reprint the material for internal use only, and not for outside use. Materials can only be taught by individuals certified by Living the Dream Coaches, LLC DBA Aligned at Work. Client retains its own intellectual property and content (i.e. guiding principles) within this training.
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