Strategy Retreats

Business alignment is not only necessary, it’s critical to your success.

Your Executive Team is busy, striving to meet business goals, manage and lead teams of people, with an eye on profit and the bottom line. When is there time to set strategy, plan for the short and long term, and keep your business thriving?

Perhaps it’s your Board of Directors who needs to meet for an annual planning retreat. Strategic direction requires a place and time to get away and plan, to reflect on what’s going well, and what isn’t.

Whether it’s your Executive Team or Board of Directors Annual Retreat, Succession Planning, or Talent Review, we can help.

Strategic Retreat to Align Leaders
Tools and Processes

You or your team will define the outcomes and measures of success for your Strategy Retreat. Our experienced facilitators will work with you to determine the best way to get you there in the time you have available.

With our background in executive and organizational development, we use a number of proven methodologies and activities as we work with your group’s dynamics, to build trust, create a safe and healthy environment in which to debate, to reflect, to plan, and to walk away meeting YOUR Definition of Success.

We’ll work with your meeting planner or hotel to create the best possible environment for your team to get away. And we do virtual strategy sessions as well, a plus for global teams or those who can’t travel to be in one place.

Guest Speaking at Executive Retreats

Our team is ready to go when you need a Guest Speaker for your Executive Strategy Retreat. We cover topics like Mindful Leadership, Radical Self Awareness for Leaders, Future Workplaces, Leading Across Generations, Creating and Leading Inclusive Teams, and more. Your executives will walk away informed and motivated to take action.

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