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Aligned Workplaces by Laurie Battaglia

Alignment is that sweet spot where your company’s bottom line and the way you feel, fit, and function within the company are well in line with each other. People working in aligned businesses get successful—and stay there—across fields and on every rung of the career ladder. This workbook helps you apply The Aligned at Work Model so you perform your best and feel totally engaged at work.

On Purpose: Practical Strategies to Live Your Best Life

Isn’t There More to Life Than This? ON PURPOSE: Practical Strategies to Live Your Best Life skips the fluff and gets right to figuring out what you truly desire and how to achieve it. You’ll learn goal-setting, avoiding burnout and making self-care a priority, creating effective marketing strategy, reducing conflict in relationships, and developing a more positive mindset, and much more.

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Business RadioX Interview

Valley Business RadioX | Dr. Adrian McIntyre August 5, 2019

Dr. Adrian McIntyre, Laurie Battaglia, and Mike Baize with Insperity talk HR, Leadership Development, Culture, and Brand. Recruitment and retention depends on the communication of the values and culture of a business. When prospective talent aligns with company values, they  feel empowered and optimistic about growing within the organization and are more likely to find the work space attractive.

Trouble Fitting In? 8 Ways to Make Friends at Work

Trouble Fitting In? 8 Ways to Make Friends at Work

Business News Daily | by Brittney Helmrich

Do you have friends at work? If not, you may want to start reaching out to your peers.

Studies show that having friends at work can make employees more productive, motivated and loyal to the company they work for, according to New Yorker magazine. However, fitting in at the office isn’t always easy.

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The Best New Year’s Career Resolutions for People 50+ | by Catherine Conlan

By the time you get to your 50s, you may have gone into a kind of career autopilot, figuring that retirement is on the horizon. You just need to get through a few more years of work until you can have a life, right?

Not necessarily. Remember, that could be another 10 to 20 years down the road, says Laurie Battaglia, CEO of Aligned at Work in Scottsdale, Arizona. Read more HERE

Leadership Tips for Managing a (New) Remote Team

Leadership Tips for Managing a (New) Remote Team | Kiely Kuligowski April 9, 2020

If you’re suddenly managing your team remotely, these tips can help you communicate effectively, calm fears and keep your business running smoothly.

  • The best thing you can do for your employees as they transition to remote work is to be as transparent as possible and maintain regular communication.
  • Schedule regular meetings with your team to encourage collaboration and reduce feelings of isolation.
  • In addition to team meetings, check in with each member of your team to set expectations and find out what they need from you.

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Call it a Comeback: How to Re-Enter the Workplace After a Career Break

The Network Journal | by Ann Brown |

There are many reasons why someone may need to take an extended leave from the work force—from pregnancy and parenting to health issues and continued education to reanalyzing one’s career.

But once you decide to re-enter the work force it may not be that easy. There are steps you can take to make the transition back go smoother.

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Sanity Strategies If You Have A Micromanager Boss

Sanity Strategies If You Have A Micromanager Boss | by Janet Scarborough Civitelli, PhD | March 16, 2018

Most experienced professionals have at least one horror story about working for a micromanager boss, the type of boss who wants to be involved in every tiny detail of your work. To help employees grappling with this unpleasant situation, I compiled this list of strategies to manage or escape a micromanager boss… Read more HERE

The 5 Success Factors to Build an Engaging Workplace

Stitcher | eX Employee Experience Podcast November 12, 2018

The cost of replacing a disengaged employee who pulled the trigger and decided to leave your organization is pretty high. According to Gallup, an actively disengaged employee costs their organization $3,400 for every $10,000 of salary, or 34 percent. Let’s say you have 100 employees, and 20% of them are completely disengaged. Now you can figure out the cost of those disengaged employees. So, say your workforce’s median salary is $60,000 a year. That means each disengaged employee costs you $20,400 on average or 34 percent of their salary ($60,000 x .34). That’s $408,000 per year!

The cost of an employee leaving and of the time required to bring up to speed a new hire is 231% of the salary and up to 2 years to be fully productive. That’s insane! Yes, leaders either don’t see the cost or simply don’t care. It’s a problem! How do you develop a thriving workplace where people are aligned with their work and the organization? Well, it starts with the people in charge and cascades through the organization.

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5 ways leaders can inspire newly remote teams during the coronavirus

GoDaddy Blog | Deborah Sweeney April 7, 2020

All across the United States and many parts of the rest of the world, employees are transitioning into remote work. Not by choice, but out of necessity. As the COVID-19 pandemic sweeps America, states are taking protective measures necessary to guard the population from spreading the coronavirus. An increasing number of residents are encouraged to stay home, practice social distancing, and only go into work if their job is essential, such as working at grocery stores and pharmacies.

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7 Ways to Move Up by Moving Over

7 Ways to Move Up by Moving Over

The Ladders| by Robin Madell | May 10, 2016

Are you looking for that next career challenge but unsure how to get there? Climbing the corporate ladder might not be the only way. Today more than ever, a career detour just might lead to your career destiny. At every level—including the top—professionals, managers, and executives-in-waiting commonly zigzag through several lateral lurches before stepping up to their destination position.

Why has lateral become the new way to the top? Read more HERE

Why You Didn’t Get that Promotion: Six Ways Women Hold Themselves Back in the Workplace™

If you’re eying that next level up the ladder, you might be wondering the best approach to get there. But in addition to doing the right things to ascend in your career, it’s important to be aware of what might stall your career. To keep you from wondering why you didn’t get that promotion.

To that end, career-intelligence polled a wide range of workplace thought leaders to explore common obstacles that may hold women back when they want to move forward. Here is a roundup of their top-line advice about what to avoid. Read more HERE


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