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As a visionary speaker with over thirty-five years of experience as a corporate leader, Laurie Battaglia is an unparalleled choice for keynotes and workshops on inclusive leadership, workplaces, and getting the best from people in any environment.

Meeting planners and conference producers love working with Laurie. With her easy-going, high-energy style, she engages audiences in conversation and pulls them in with stories that connect. People leave her presentations ready to take action and think differently about why their actions matter.

Laurie has spoken at many top conferences including RSA — Where the World Talks Security, InvestOps USA, DigiPharma Connect, Retail CIO Connect, Fixed Income Leaders Summit, Field Service, and Iowa Women Leaders in Gaming. And she’s spoken and trained leaders at organizations like Wells Fargo, Vanguard, Capital Lumber, Nationwide Insurance, Phoenix Indian Center, ICAN-AZ, and more.

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Five Cancers that Kill Your Company Culture. Is your workplace toxic? Dive into the five most common ways company cultures are poisoned over time, and learn leadership strategies to create inclusive workplaces where people feel they belong.

Aligned for The Future: The future of workforce management is a diverse one. Learn how you can create an inclusive team…with a range of talents and expertise, across generations, genders, and culture, in-person or virtually.

The Aligned Leader. High-performance teams need the guidance of a leader that’s aligned with their passion, skills, and motivators. Learn how you can best create an environment that welcomes and encourages talented people to join your team, and to stay.

Five Secrets to Love What You Do— For Life!: What does it take to live an Aligned Life? How do you define success? We’ve identified the five elements that make up an integrated life and work. Each person (including you!) has a different equation of what lights them up. This speech is designed to ignite your passion, optimize your engagement, and align your work and your life.

Radical Self-Awareness: The first step to leading others is being aware of your own strengths and weaknesses. Are you ready to do the work on understanding yourself before leading others? By recognizing your own leadership stance and style, you can optimize your abilities and those of your team.

Custom Leadership Topics. We know your team is unique, and we want to meet their strengths and desires head-on. Contact us, and we’ll respond to your audience’s needs.

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Our wealth of resources and visionary expertise have led to the development of a broad portfolio of engaging speeches.

“When Laurie speaks, she connects with any size and level of audience, pulling them in with stories, statistics, and stage presence. A thought leader on all things leadership and workplace, she walks the talk.”
~Brenda Allen, CTA, Senior Partner & Meeting Planner at All Points Meetings and Incentives, LLC

“In both the large and smaller interactive group settings, Laurie’s expertise in workplace and leadership topics, ability to engage and audience, and train other facilitators was very evident and really resonated with our audience of leaders.”

~Wes Erecke, President & CEO, Iowa Gaming Association
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