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How does energy play into leadership? Quantum physics tells us that everything in our world, even those things that appear dormant, are made of energy. Humans are certainly made of energy, and they show it in many ways.

You as a leader have a great deal of impact on the “energy” of your workgroup and workplace. And it starts with you, the human.

Our Aligned Leader™️ Model begins with Honoring the People, and by that we mean Mind, Body, and Spirit. We believe that humans bring all of themselves to work, and they work better and feel more of a sense of belonging when we honor the Whole Person. In workplaces of the past, we provided feedback to people that told them to be “less emotional” at work. Is that even possible? The Whole Person brings their emotions to work, their intellect, their physical body, and their spirit, that sense of who they are. Organizations that are Aligned at Work® support everyday actions that honor the people who work there.

Aligned Leaders™ give people permission to be who they are, to have lives outside of work. They understand that in order to unleash people’s true potential, each person needs to understand themselves and what makes them tick. And that starts with the leader. That’s why we build Radical Self Awareness into our Aligned Leader™ Training. It’s part of our Do as I Do leadership model.

Our Team

It’s no accident that our CEO and other members of our team are Reiki Masters, energy healers, church leaders, and are comfortable in the world of spirituality and authenticity. Our consultants, facilitators, and coaches model Do as I Do leadership—they walk the talk and do the hard inner work of understanding themselves so they can be fully present for you.

What Can You Do?

As a company leader, you can see that your company integrates the mind/body/spirit connection into everyday life at work. Does your company have easy access to:

  • Quiet Rooms for reflection or meditation or downtime?
  • Healing Rooms for Reiki, Energy Healing, Sound Healing, Coaching, Seated Massage, Reflexology?

Do you encourage people to take a break at work and walk for 10 minutes, or to find another way to disconnect from work? Science shows that productivity increases when we disconnect for a while.

Do you encourage healthy boundaries between life and work time? What are the expectations for immediately answering texts or emails outside of work hours? Leaders set the tone. Your team will do as you do, not as you say.

What can you expect from Aligned at Work®?

Our classes will start with centering, usually a breathing exercise or guided reflection that allows people to become fully present. Our models for individuals and leaders position you for harmony between life and work. We may ask you to check in with your body and understand what it’s telling you.

During times of crisis and tragedy, we are there with you in that moment, to support and guide leaders and teams. We’ll help you identify the emotions that are at play, call them out, and find the teachable moments in times of stress.

We believe in Serving a Greater Purpose and Mission and that all of us are connected. We build bridges, not walls.

We provide tangible tools, steps to take, and training for you and your team on how to create a workplace where people are honored AND goals are met. People and Profit are not mutually exclusive. Your company will be one based on inclusion and belonging with truly diverse team members welcomed and supported. If that’s the kind of workplace you’re looking for, we are the team to work with.

“To understand the true nature of the universe, one must think it terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”
~ Nikola Tesla
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