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Organizations sometimes find themselves in a position to downsize or layoff executives and team members. It’s an uncertain and uncomfortable time, filled with emotions and details. And many companies want to do right by their former employees. This is where Outplacement Coaching enters the picture.

We provide Outplacement Programs for all levels from Executives to frontline team members. Whether you are seeking a soft landing for a former executive, or a group program for a number of team members, we offer programs to suit every need.

Executive Outplacement Program
Your former executives will need a strong brand in today’s competitive job market. 

It’s not uncommon for a job loss to spark the question, “What do I want to be when I grow up?” Often, executives will take a layoff as a sign that it’s time to reexamine and reinvent who they are. We have the skills to help them uncover opportunities to pivot their career and the branding expertise to help them write their new chapter. 

Others will jump right back into the fray. They are confident that their former job is the right vocation and they need another company who will see all the great things they bring to the role. They need an updated resume and LinkedIn profile that highlights the outcomes and accomplishments from their earlier career. Our coaches have expertise in all phases of career coaching, resume writing, and more. 

We offer:

  • Career coaching. 
  • Dealing with grief following a layoff.
  • Uncovering issues that may get in the way of landing the perfect role.
  • Being a sounding board for exploration of the same or different careers.
  • Resume updating and rewriting in a format that makes accomplishments shine.
  • Writing techniques for cover letters and follow-up notes.
  • LinkedIn expertise on writing your profile, so that your resume and online presence are ALIGNED. Tips on how to maximize your network.
  • Advice on how to search and apply online, through online career websites and company career pages.
  • Fluency in networking, including in person and through LinkedIn and online.
  • Interview practice, with today’s techniques for virtual interviews and more. 
  • Assessments like the Energy Leadership Index Assessment for self-awareness, Myers Briggs Type Indicator for work preferences, and others. 
  • Sustaining the job search over time – tips for staying active and motivated. 
  • 3- and 6-month programs offered.
Team Member Outplacement Programs

When companies lay off people en masse, they find that group workshops are the answer to outplacement programs. 

Team Member Group Program

  • Dealing with Job Loss—Now What? Dealing with stress and grief following job loss
  • Crafting Your Powerful Resume. Resume writing and formatting; writing cover letters
  • Learning LinkedIn. Setting up your profile, networking, job searching
  • Ace the Interview. Understanding current interviewing practices, including using behavioral-based questions, case studies, virtual interviews. 1:1 Mock Interviews with coach.
  • Everything’s Online: Navigating the World of Online Job Searches: What to expect in the world of online job searching, time needed, how to sustain your energy during a lengthy job search

Workshops are facilitated virtually through Zoom or your videoconferencing platform. Let’s explore.

Individual coaching hours can be added to the workshops to provide 1:1 feedback, coaching, and reinforcement. 

Customized for you

We can work with you to customize packages that meet your needs, for one or for many. Give us a call at (602)888-0975 or email us at

I was just looking at my vision board from when I met with you and Joseph. I’ve been thinking about how my vision and viewpoint of my professional life started changing at those meetings. How I have so much these days that I was wishing for on that vision board! I had a chat with my boss last week during a hard week when I was getting down on myself for a few small mistakes. She told me she hired me for my drive and determination that she felt in our first interview and that her bosses felt in their interviews also! She said that the drive and determination is going to take you places, however far up the company you want to follow me! Wow, what a difference a great company and a boss make. You helped me to see things in myself before I did.

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