Laurie and Joseph have been quoted or featured in articles in a number of national publications. Here are some that deal with workplace issues.

Is Your Boss Bringing You Down Or Pushing You Forward? · Fast Company · by Kelsey Manning, Levo League

Having been blessed with a parade of truly terrific bosses, I know how vital a supportive manager is to your overall job experience and development, especially in the early stages of your career. At the same time, mediocre bosses are as common as Mondays (that is to say, they pop up everywhere you turn) and horror stories about terrible bosses are all too familiar.

So what are the warning signs of a boss who is more concerned with his or her own clout than advancing the team as a whole? How can you tell if your boss will give you credit up the ladder, introduce you to the right people, and be an advocate for your work? Seven questions to ask yourself… Read more HERE

Trouble Fitting In? 8 Ways to Make Friends at Work • Business News Daily • by Brittney Helmrich

Do you have friends at work? If not, you may want to start reaching out to your peers.

Studies show that having friends at work can make employees more productive, motivated and loyal to the company they work for, according to New York magazine. However, fitting in at the office isn’t always easy. Read more HERE

Call it a Comeback: How to Re-Enter the Workplace After a Career Break • The Network Journal • by Ann Brown

There are many reasons why someone may need to take an extended leave from the work force—from pregnancy and parenting to health issues and continued education to reanalyzing one’s career.

But once you decide to re-enter the work force it may not be that easy. There are steps you can take to make the transition back go smoother. Read more HERE

7 Ways to Move Up by Moving Over • The Ladders • by Robin Madell

Are you looking for that next career challenge but unsure how to get there? Climbing the corporate ladder might not be the only way. Today more than ever, a career detour just might lead to your career destiny. At every level—including the top—professionals, managers, and executives-in-waiting commonly zigzag through several lateral lurches before stepping up to their destination position.

Why has lateral become the new way to the top? Read more HERE

Sanity Strategies If You Have A Micromanager Boss • • by Janet Scarborough Civitelli, PhD

Most experienced professionals have at least one horror story about working for a micromanager boss, the type of boss who wants to be involved in every tiny detail of your work. To help employees grappling with this unpleasant situation, I compiled this list of strategies to manage or escape a micromanager boss… Read more HERE

Why You Didn’t Get that Promotion: Six Ways Women Hold Themselves Back in the Workplace •™

If you’re eying that next level up the ladder, you might be wondering the best approach to get there. But in addition to doing the right things to ascend in your career, it’s important to be aware of what might stall your career. To keep you from wondering why you didn’t get that promotion.

To that end, career-intelligence polled a wide range of workplace thought leaders to explore common obstacles that may hold women back when they want to move forward. Here is a roundup of their top-line advice about what to avoid. Read more HERE

The Best New Year’s Career Resolutions for People in Their 40’s • • by Catherine Conlan

If you’re in your 40s, you could be in a wide variety of places in your career. Generally, you’ve got a lot of experience behind you, but there’s still a long way to go before you can pack it in. It’s a perfect time to figure out what’s next.

We talked to career coaches to get their takes on some of the best New Year’s career resolutions for people in their 40s. Check out what they have to say to make 2016 the best year of your career. Read more HERE

WorkWise: Does Empathy Belong in Job Interviews? • Knoxville News Sentinel • by Mildred L Culp, Syndicated Columnist

Some people maintain that empathy toward interviewers contributes to landing a job. Eyal Winter, author of “Feeling Smart: Why Our Emotions Are More Rational Than We Think” (PublicAffairs, $26.99), writes that “we all have the capacity to recognize emotional states in others.” If you’re feeling so needy that you’re in your own emotional orbit, this insight could turn you around. Read more HERE

WorkWise: Getting Colleagues Up to Speed Helps Your Company and Yourself • Las Vegas Business Press • by Mildred L Culp, Syndicated Columnist

Your co-worker is new on the job and isn’t productive. That lack of productivity will undermine your work. Your objective, stabilizing the workflow, will require some effort. Consider a range of tactics to create impact as quickly as possible.

Attorney Paul Genato uses “shadowing,” bringing the new co-worker along, at Archer &Greiner PC in Princeton, N.J. He views it as productive for both the newbie and the veteran without draining either’s time.

“Shadowing, attending meetings with me and sitting in on conference calls is very helpful,” he says. Read more HERE

8 Hiring Managers Share Their Best and Worst Interview Stories • Brit+Co • by Levo League

With the challenges of an already saturated and oftentimes frustrating job market, there are some serious horror stories out there on both sides of the interview desk. If your last interview hit a snafu or two — you showed up late, you let out a curse word or you answered an early question poorly — just try to let it go. You generally can’t get a do-over, but you can take comfort in the knowledge that hiring managers have seen worse – much worse. Read more HERE

Is Competition Among Co-Workers A Good Thing? • U.S.News & World Report Money – On Careers Blog • By Ritika Trikha

A little friendly competition with your co-workers can be the source of motivation you need to achieve great heights. It’s also often a natural impulse. Say, for instance, there’s a new hire in your department—it’s natural to wonder: Is this guy going to show me up? At the same time, constantly comparing yourself with a colleague can be self-defeating.

It all depends on your personality and preference. Read more HERE