Today more than ever all of us need to remember what it was like for women who had the courage and the boldness to step into business that was historically all male-dominated. We’ve moved so far so fast that we forget that it wasn’t until 1974 that women could get a credit card in their name.

Our guest on The Real Reveal was one of those pioneers. She is still challenging assumptions and creating spaces for all people to thrive and find power in their lives. She is someone whose work I admire and whose lived experience I loved learning from. Please welcome my friend Laurie Battaglia to The Gender Reveal Party Podcast.

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Each week a new episode will be released with another human being that has something to say about gender. My goal is to convey that gender is a construct that was all made up and it’s way more fluid than any of us can fathom. Gender and genitals are NOT the same thing.

These weekly stories are about gender reveal. I hope that you will soak up the stories of our guests and share them with an intention to educate others and love the differences. It’s been my calling for years to love the transphobia out of our human systems. Thanks for sharing in my purpose.

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